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July 12th, 2020 Service - Rev. Ray Schooler, Dr. of Ministry

As you should already know, our twelve-week seasonal Sunday Worship Service Program for 2020 (June 21st through September 6th), is currently suspended until further notice do to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

This Sunday, July 12th, our service was to be celebrated with Rev. Ray Schooler, Dr. of Ministry.  

Rev. Ray was born and raised in Texas, but ministry has provided opportunities to live and serve in several different places.  Ray served on the American Baptist Churches, General Board and Board of International Ministries (IM) and it was in this role with IM that he discovered a passion for Global Missions. 

In 2007 he went on staff with IM as the Sr. Dir. of Donor Relations and Church Development.  In this role he travels extensively and counts it a real honor to serve the Lord on behalf of all involved in Global Missions.  

He resides in Lancaster, NY with his wife Gail and, they have five adult sons, two daughters-in-law and three grandchildren.  Other interests are that he plays a round of golf whenever able and enjoys volunteering at Roswell Park with the Spiritual Care Department.

Rev. Ray has graciously prepared a video of his homily for the Friends of the Holloway Memorial Chapel to view virtually in their home as we are all practicing social distancing and cannot meet in person.

​Below is a link to the video presentation on our Holloway Memorial Chapel's Youtube Channel.

Thank you so much Rev. Ray Schooler!