June 20th, 2021 Service - Rev. Tom Yorty

As you should already know, our twelve-week seasonal Sunday Worship Service Program for 2021 (June 20th through September 5th), is currently suspended until further notice do to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

This Sunday, June 20th, our virtual service will be celebrated with Rev. Tom Yorty, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Buffalo, NY.  

Tom Yorty came to Westminster Presbyterian Church in 1998 following pastorates in Easton, PA and Williamsville, NY.  

During Tom's pastorate at Westminster, the congregation has continued its historic role as a leader in mission to the city, social justice, and worship and music ministries.  

In 2005, the Church launched the Westminster Economic Development Initiative, which provides business coaching and loans to Buffalo’s growing immigrant community as well as an English language learner after school program for K-8 children.  Westminster's Early Childhood Programs is a leader in early childhood development in Western New York.  Westminster works in solidarity with Muslim and Jewish communities to provide education and outreach.

Tom grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, graduated from Muskingum College, Yale Divinity School, and Drew University (PhD, 19th Century Studies), and has served on the board of Auburn Theological Seminary, NYC since 2003.  

He and his wife, Carol, have two adult sons and a Labrador retriever.  Tom enjoys writing poetry, riding his bike, and playing with his granddaughter.

Tom has graciously invited the Friends of the Holloway Memorial Chapel to participate in Westminster's Sunday Service virtually in their home as we are all practicing social distancing and cannot meet in person. 

Sunday's service will be broadcast live on both their Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VBHdrBT8No and their Facebook Live Account https://www.facebook.com/westminsterBflo/ indicated below.

Both the YouTube and Facebook broadcasts are identical and “premiere” at 10:30 AM on Sunday morning, but the post stays up and folks tend to watch it over the course of the morning and during the week.  Viewers can’t fast forward ahead but, if you log on at 10:40 you can start over from the beginning. 

Thank you so much Rev. Tom!

Below is a personal note from Tom, as well as are to the live streaming Sunday Service at Westminster Church's Facebook and/or Youtube Channel:


Please check our website throughout the 2021 Season for important announcements in the life of the Chapel!

Dear Friends of the Holloway Memorial Chapel:

June 20th is certainly on my calendar.  The service this day will commence at 10.30am and, will be my penultimate worship service at Westminster before I retire on June 30th.  

It is fortuitous that I have the opportunity to preach one more time to the Holloway Memorial Chapel congregation since I’ve been in your pulpit at Holloway nearly as many years as I’ve been pastor at Westminster.  

I look forward to the opportunity to ‘be’ with you all on this day.

All good wishes,